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Light Cube

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Overview introduction

With a design highly optimized for simplicity and beauty, CUBE combines high performance and unmatched versatility with a timeless aesthetic. Inside, a great degree of engineering is accomplished within very small dimensions.

The extremely compact multi-layer construction of CUBE utilizes design and assembly methods borrowed from the high-tech electronics industry. Components are aligned and sealed very tightly to achieve an IPX4 splash-proof rating.


Whether camping, taking part in a poolside night-time party or trying to maintain mental health during a power outage, enevu CUBE is the ideal lighting option. Although it fits in the palm of the hand, it is powerful enough to light a room.


Founded by German entrepreneur Felix Grim, this innovative LED lamp offers outstanding lighting quality and unparalleled versatility. Unlike a flashlight that provides a directional light, the CUBE emits lights on all sides to illuminate a larger space.

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Multiple Colors

With 3 levels of clear, white light, the multiple settings light can create different levels of visibility based on your preference.

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Astonishing Design

Astonishing Design

Our design process is supported by sophisticated engineering capabilities and stringent quality control throughout.

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally friendly

LED technology is highly energy-efficient and long-lasting. All of our products are designed to be easily recyclable at the eventual end of their life-cycle.

Easy to use

Easy to use

You can place the CUBE on a flat surface or hang it on the hook included, which makes it easy to use in any environment.

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